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An international multi-family office

We secure, grow and transfer the assets of your family,
for future generations.

Introducing Reinhausen

We are an international multi-family office, and through our network we are able to advise families worldwide. Some of our network of preferred service providers focus specifically on Ireland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

We serve multi-generational families wishing to keep their families together and avoid being torn apart by their wealth. The strong bonds we build with clients engenders trust and comfortable relationships.  We have been serving families for more than 20 years and have built up our reputation based on our skills, entrepreneurship and dedication.

Our Offer

For families who wish to maintain and build their wealth over multiple generations and in multiple counties, the Group offers:


Finance and cash management for the business and individuals in the family.

General legal assistance, including compliance and anti-money laundering processes and procedures.

Advisory and investment services for both the business and individuals in the family.


Fiduciary services, such as the management of trusts, companies and foundations. 

Family and Corporate governance

About Family Offices

Family Offices have existed for centuries, but in the form that wealthy rulers appointed trusted guardians (managers) to look after their wealth while they were dealing with affairs of state.  The first examples of modern family offices were most probably those of the Rockefeller and Mellor families. These family offices set the tone and trend for what we know today as a single-family office. It is a simple construct; a single-family office is an organisation that looks after the affairs, wealth, and business of a single family.  The sole object of a family office is the welfare of the family it serves.
















The purpose of any family office is to secure, grow and transfer the assets of a family to successive generations.

A modern trend is for every sector within the finance industry to create family offices.

Investment advisors have set up family offices focusing almost exclusively on the management of wealth; fiduciary services companies have family offices administering the trusts, foundations and companies of their client families; banks provide family offices to attend to banking needs; even insurance, accounting and law firms are nowadays creating their own versions of family offices to provide their services.

Family Privacy

The privacy of the family is protected as the ideal multi-family office deals only with a handful of clients.  The professional nature of the multi-family office ensures that privacy of family information remains a priority.

Wide Range of Services

A multi-family office is able to provide a wider range of professional services because of economies of scale.  Specific professional services that a family may need from time-to-time may be readily available within the multi-family office.

Run by Experts

Multi-family offices employ a wide range of professionals.  Each professional is an expert in his/her field and is required to stay up to date with prevailing industry standards. A client’s family benefits from the collective knowledge and advice available, enabling it to make decisions quickly and effectively.

Objective Advice

The professionals working in a well-rounded multi-family office provide advice that is truly independent and not biased towards any specific brand or product type.  Their experience gained from dealing with other families is transferable. Many issues and problems can be avoided because of their enhanced experience and objectivity.

Multi-Family Office Solutions

Where a single-family office becomes viable from an asset value of about £200m, multi-family office solutions can be viable from an asset value of around £5m. 

Advantages of a multi-family office

Each family, and its needs, is unique and therefore the reasons why you should consider a family office or joining a multi-family office is unique to your family.  A few points to consider:

Complex financial needs and asset base

It is important to note that it is not necessarily the extent of a family’s wealth that creates the need for a family office but rather the complexity thereof. This complexity arises from a family’s ability to control, manage and stay on top of their investments and assets.

Control and overview

Maintaining control is one of the biggest challenges for families.  A family office allows the family to maintain a significant measure of control while professionals assist with the management of their affairs. The choice between a single or multi-family office is influenced by the measure of control a family wishes to retain.

Trusted relationships

A wealthy family is by nature vulnerable to exploitation and family members may feel they have no privacy. Dealing with a variety of advisors or faceless corporates may exacerbate their need for privacy. The multi-family office representative can foster a high level of trust through the quality of assistance provided and how the relationship with the family is maintained.

Dedicated support

Wealthy families may need consistent support when dealing with their wealth.  It is important for them to have easy access to professionals who provide consistent and reliable advice and services. Family offices, and especially multi-family offices, are able to provide families with the support they need as well as with consistent service delivery.

Succession planning

Succession planning should not end once the estate planning of the patriarch or matriarch has been completed.  How beneficiaries are groomed to deal with the structures and wealth they inherit should remain high on the agenda. Successful succession planning comes to fruition when a family business is able to continue seamlessly after the death of a family head.


Roelf Odendaal – Director

Roelf was born and raised in South Africa and relocated to Mauritius in 2001, following an opportunity to start a Trust Company there. Roelf and his wife (Kirsten) spent the next 5 years building up and managing the Trust Company in Mauritius. Equipped with a background in accounting and trust administration and an MBA in Business Management, and with the family expanding, an exciting opportunity arose in the Isle of Man, to manage a group of entities looking after multi-jurisdictional, multi-generational family businesses. 

It was this move that began Roelf’s passion for Family Success, leading Roelf to complete STEP’s Advanced Certificate in Family Business Governance which has provided insights into the importance of the balance of interests. Balance between the family, their ownership strategy and the business itself. A ‘balance’ that is essential for the success of the family.  Over the years Roelf has witnessed the damage wealth can and has done to families. Even the most well thought through ‘estate plan’s’ do not ensure the family remains a cohesive unit. Overseeing a multi-family office and through Reinhausen Private Offices, Roelf, is determined to help families find their ‘balance’ and ultimately to succeed together.